Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tub of succulents

This tub of succulents is enjoying this weather but I am afraid I am not. A few more days of it is forecast too.
The tub is white but hasnt shown up very well on my scan, I can see it through the sun room window and I often paint it as it is so close to where I paint.
Not that painting in a sun room has been much fun these last few 37 to 38 degree C days.
We did walk this morning and I have done some textile stuff and have a couple of new books but as I have written about them on my other blog I wont here.
The haiku tonight is by Meisetsu.
The river leaping
roars away...
As the mountain smiles.


Wanda said...

Very cheerfull painting...the thought of your sunroom...it warms me as I sit watching it snow, yet some more!

Julie said...

Hi Penny! My name is Julie and I love succulents!!! This is a lovely painting! I have a lot of artists tht follow my blog as well...I will do a post to let them view your post here, if that is OK!!!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

HI Penny
i am manually replying to all the expressions of interest for KISS- if you are interested could you email me and give me your email addie?