Saturday, February 13, 2010

A crazy bird

I havent had time for much but decided that I needed a bit of light relief so this bird was born. I rather liked his multi colours and silly top knot.
We have had some rain, about 13 mm which has freshened things up and made the grass grow, which is a bit unfortunate for our lawn mowing guy who has pneumonia and I am not sure when he will be back to cut back the jungle.
Always happens, very dry, then the minute we get rain and humidity everything in the garden goes mad.
At the moment I am acting a bit like a grazing pony, pulling the long grass for the bantams but I dont make a very even go of it.
Yesterday was one of my grand childrens 18th birthday, Gaby who has baby Mason, so we gathered in one of the pubs to have a meal and toast her health and I had made a cake so Happy Birthday was sung and candles blown out, much to the delight of the 2 small ones. photo on my other blog here.
John went off today to get cockles for the May expedition to Coffin Bay, and I went in to the market and collected some blackberries from Tabby's girls.
I have been playing with textile stuff but nothing finished as yet, having a lovely time burning back things with my soldering iron.
We went for a late walk this evening at the bay, the terns were having a lovely time fishing so there must have been a school of small fish out there.
I have just done a new chicken recipe for dinner, quick and simple John doesnt much like chicken so I have to think of different ways for him to have it, I thought this was ok as it was but he felt he needed some sweet chili sauce with it!
I watched the opening of the winter Olympics this afternoon, love the winter Olympics, as an ex skier I find it far more interesting than the ordinary ones. Terrible about the Georgian competitor who was killed on a luge practice run.
There were a few hiccups with the opening ceremony but a delight for all that.
Tonight's Haiku is by Shiki.
One perfect moon
and the uncountable
drowned in a green sky.

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annie said...

That is a happy, crazy bird. It gives me such a tickle and lifts my heart, Penny.