Monday, February 15, 2010

Doodling hearts

Its pretty obvious when I havent much to put up as I resort to doing a few doodles and tonight it was these three hearts, a bit late for Valentines day.
Sometimes I wonder why I have this compulsion to write up my blog, is it the exhibitionist in me? I dont really think that is quite me. I think maybe it isfrom years of writing up a small daily journal of my days doings.
My writing isnt even particularly good and I know I cant spell Virginia!
Perhaps it is to prove to myself that I am still here.
Perhaps it is that my life which is terribly boring should have some sort of record for it.
Whatever I am still here and I am still writing.
So what did I do today? No walk, but I did finish the ironing, which is one of those dreadful tasks I hate and put off till the last minute.
I picked a bunch of glorious roses from the garden and now cant remember the name of the bush, once I knew all my roses by name but since I have lost so many in the drought I think I have purposefully put them to the back of my brain, it is too painful to remember the ones I loved.
I am not replacing them either as the garden has really become too large and they dont at all like my deep sandy dry soil. However much I try to improve it.
My textile pieces are coming along slowly, but if you want to see them you will have to go here on my other blog.
We leave for Adelaide early tomorrow as John has a conference and dinner, I am going to stay with my friend P and see my mother on Wednesday on my way home so no blogging for a day or so.
Issa has this haiku for tonight.
A three-day-old moon
already warped
and twisted
by the bitter cold!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You asked why do we blog? I think it is for own record of daily life and interests and also to chat informally with others, even strangers, who might find something of connection, that we can go beyond our nearby friends and family and be part of a world out there. Keep on blogging. Your life is full of interesting things and a reflection on what is happening around you.

Dubois said...

I frequently ask myself the same question, why do I blog, especially when I am aware nobody is reading it! But still I carry on. It is nice to talk and share experiences and sometimes a comment comes along and makes it all worthwhile.

Please dont stop, I like seeing your drawings and sketches and paintings.

Wanda said...

For me, I first thought of blogging as a personal scrapbook, then I met such wonderful people. It has so enriched my life, I really enjoy having met you Penny.

I certainly don't think of your life as boring. You're a very creative person, Penny. I love your three hearts doodle and all your paintings and textile works!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Why do we blog? Interesting question Penny - for me it is the discipline of having to think of something, organise it, take photos if necessary, look things up, write it and post it. I have always liked writing and find it quite therapeutic.

Ellie said...

I blog to get some things out of the way. I do it so that the world can hear my voice and I do it so that I'm not forgotten. Diaries are so out dated and having a blog is the best way to never lose what you felt and memories that happened.