Friday, February 19, 2010

Port Adelaide street scape

From my sketchbook, this is a quick rendition of some of the older buildings in a corner of the Port by the docks. Odd shapes, brick and stone, plaster and corrugated iron.
Got my proportions a bit out but there you go, blind in one eye and at least I tried.
We had a lovely walk on the beach this morning before it got hot, sun shining on the sand was almost blinding and the tide was way out again. Nice to be alive.
On French Essence there was a lovely bit about a ski boot, and oh it did bring back wonderful memories of using the same brand of boot, but a lot older and now retired, skiing hard and fast down a black run.
Those were the days! now I cant bend zee knees nor can I see.
We were lucky we skied here in Australia, on good and not so good snow, in Austria and France and Switzerland and lots in New Zealand, on very often slopes with very few people on them.
Memories of taking our lunch up and sitting on your skis with some good food and sometimes a bottle of wine between about 5 of us. Great fun.
When I can I have been avidly watching the winter Olympics.
I couldnt find a Haiku about skiing but here is one by Chiyo, memories of white outs perhaps.
If the white herons
had no voice
they would be lost
in the morning snow.


Dubois said...

We have been enjoying the Winter Olympics too, funny to think of all of us around the world watching it, us in the cold by the fire, you in the heat. It has been good to watch and Vancouver is doing a great job considering all their weather problems and whatever the UK media is saying. Hope everything gets better for you soon.

annie said...

I am watching the Olympics, also, and was thinking the same, marveling how much we can share on the TV and Internet all round the globe as Dubois says.

I admire you sketching these old buildings. I am still a bit wimpy about attempting all of that around me.You two have such wonderful memories-- all that skiing, among them. I know you must miss doing some of those things.

Man...even this comment page has to nag me to do housework. The verification word is HOOVAS!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I too have been enjoying the winter olympics Penny. I also love that haiku, which says such a lot in so few words.